gmiPrep Picking up what you're putting down

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The philosophy behind gmiPrep is different to other prep courses. Doing well in GAMSAT is not simply about having the appropriate knowledge; it's about understanding concepts and being able to apply those concepts to novel situations in a timely manner. To that end, gmiPrep focuses on three broad areas: concepts, application and speed. This is not a prep course that will give you a thousand different "sample GAMSAT questions" to mull over; there are plenty of such questions out there (albeit with varying degrees of relevance to the actual exam). This is about taking a smarter approach to tackling the exam.

gmiPrep features components directed towards both GAMSAT and interview preparation. Whilst it is aimed at applicants to graduate medicine courses in Australia, the GAMSAT component could be useful to those preparing for MCAT and the interview component has broader applicability extending to anybody undergoing an intensive personality-based interview process.

Please note that gmiPrep is still under development but is inching its way towards being ready. If you are interesting in being a beta tester for gmiPrep, keep checking this page for updates as to when this will become available. For any other concerns or enquiries, please e-mail

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