Magical Preference Machine Adding a little magic to your life

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Behold, the magical preference machine! Tell it what kind of graduate medicine course you're looking for and it will generate a list of six GEMSAS preferences for you. If two (or more) universities have exactly the same score based on the settings you choose, it will randomly select from those for your preferences. You can see the calculated score for each of your preferences on the right of the university name.

**MASSIVE DISCLAIMER**: This tool is to be used for generating ideas only. It is an estimate of the universities that would be best matched to the criteria you enter. Before you submit your GEMSAS preferences, make sure you do your own research!

Please Note: For reasons that are unclear to me, Google Chrome (from v42 onwards) has started blocking the Silverlight plugin. If you are seeing a 'please install Silverlight' message in Chrome, you can either implement the workaround found here or load the page in another browser.

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