Catfish Whiskers 'n all

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I don't know a whole lot about Richard Brautigan but I came across his poem entitled 'Catfish' one day and for whatever reason it really resonated with me. I suppose it speaks to some extent of loneliness and introversion, both of which I can relate to, but also of finding joy in simplicity.

If I were to live my life
in catfish forms
in scaffolds of skin and whiskers
at the bottom of a pond
and you were to come by
one evening
when the moon was shining
down into my dark home
and stand there at the edge
of my affection
and think, "It's beautiful
here by this pond. I wish
somebody loved me,"
I'd love you and be your catfish
friend and drive such lonely
thoughts from your mind
and suddenly you would be
at peace,
and ask yourself, "I wonder
if there are any catfish
in this pond? It seems like
a perfect place for them."

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